Barkably is a service that helps you find the perfect apartment.

We get to know you and your dogs for the perfect fit apartment


Get to
know you

We build a profile for you by asking a few simple questions about you and your dog.


Curate top

We recommend the best matching apartments that you and your dog will love based on your profile.


Provide unique

We provide you info about each apartment unavailable elsewhere, including a dog-friendliness score.


Perfect dog

We help property owners to build a strong community and offer you discounted dog service bundles.

We focus on dog-friendly communities

Find your next home

Why it works?
Barkably takes accounts into what’s important for you and your dog when matching apartments with you, including:

Hear from the founders

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Barkably is backed by Tenney 110. A build studio that powers the growth of technology companies solving problems in the real estate and proptech industry.

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Donal Warde

Founder & CEO

After years of working in the multifamily industry, I believe the process of how people are finding apartments is fundamentally flawed. It’s unnecessarily time-consuming and Barkably is dedicated to changing this.

As a dog owner myself and renter, I know that people treat their dogs as fur babies and want the best for them. But if you go to a listing website and search “pet-friendly” apartments, you see hundreds of results.

What’s worse is that there is no more information than basic pet policies. Instead, Barkably can find the perfect apartment for you and your dog in minutes.
eric zoey co founder of barkably

Eric Sharpe

Co-Founder & CMO

After graduating college, Eric was fortunate to adopt his first dog thanks to the luck of being in the right place at the right time. Over the next 15 years, Eric moved into 11 different apartments, all while traversing the challenges of renting while owning a pet.


His career as an entrepreneur taught him how to break down the barriers set up by established companies and to forge a better path for renters with dogs.


With a strong belief in helping others find an easier path in life, Eric began to work with Donal in finding a better way to rent an apartment while keeping your dog close to home.

Don’t just take our word for it
Hear from your fellow dog owners about why Barkably is the best choice for you

“I recently used this website, and it was a game changer. The search filters made it easy to find apartments that allowed dogs, and the detailed information provided on each listing helped me make an informed decision. I was able to find the perfect apartment for me and my furry companion in no time.”

Man with his dog on black background, studio shot. French bulldog puppy
Jason Gomes
Dog: French Bulldog
Denver, CO

“I am amused by how good the user experience is. Instead of being bombarded with hundreds of properties at once, Barkably prioritizes apartments based on my preference and presents them in a clean way. Multiple viewing options allow me to make a more informed decision.”

Woman with her dog in a park
Jeanne Alexander
Dog: Chocolate Lab
New York, NY

“I have a 60-pound dog which makes it extremely hard to find apartments (which accept big dogs). I used to go to each property’s website or call the office to obtain the information, which is a big chore. Barkably helps me to narrow down my options in a few minutes.”

sergey komarets
Dan Murray
Dog: German Shepherd
Philadelphia, PA

“I used to spend hours searching for apartments. With the help of Barkably, it only takes me a few minutes to get a list of recommended properties. I don’t need to go to other sources anymore since Barkably has all the information I need to make a decision.”

wieger stienstra
Leon Jordan
Dog: Boxer
Denver, CO
Frequently asked questions
Yes. Barkably is 100% free for you to use, and there are no hidden fees.
Barkably only lists properties that meet our standard and we focus on quality for our valued customers and their dogs. We only list properties that are verified by us, have good reviews, and are pet friendly.
Barkably uses the information you provide to find the best matching apartments. We may not find properties meeting all your requirements, but we will curate a personalized list based on your priorities. We make it very easy for you to compare properties and make an informed decision.
The dog-friendliness score is proprietary from Barkably. It’s based on multiple factors including the building pet policies, amenities for pets, walkability nearby, and surrounding dog facilities.
We work with property owners and other service providers to provide your access to pet amenities, activities and services as a discounted rate. It’s optional.
The availability and other information are all real-time verified with the property owners.
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